U.S. Patent Approval of Innovative Reusable Pop Up Protective Packaging Announcement

Oct. 14, 2015

Summit Container Corporation is announcing the official registration of U.S. Patent No. 9,120,593.

The U.S. Patent defines Summit Container’s design of the packaging as “A specialized box with integrated dividers suitable for transporting multiple rectangular products.”

Leading providers of telecommunications and cable services have been using Summit Container’s patented design, popularly known as the “Pop Up Box”, to store and ship set-top units, routers, modems and Digital Transport Adapters to customers nationwide. Summit’s patented design creates integrated, foam lined compartments for cords, cable, remotes, and power units from a single piece of recycled board stock. The applications of the design and innovation provide an array of opportunities for Summit to expand protective packaging solutions.

“Delivering measurable value for our clients is important to everyone at Summit Container. I’m extremely proud of the innovation and collaboration that made this patent possible,” said Adam Walker, Chief Executive Officer of Summit Container Corporation. “Our team is leveraging our experience in protective packaging to research and develop innovative solutions that are responsive to our clients’ needs.”

The innovation of Summit’s patent design is multifaceted and starts in the creation of a multi-compartment box in a single sheet. Further, the ability to knock down flat, collapse and pop-up for reassembly allows a single box to be reused up to ten times and allows Summit’s customers to more efficiently use storage space. Summit’s patented design is best used for rectangular products such as set top boxes, routers, modems, tablets and laptops by creating integrated compartments for cords, cables, remotes, and power units.

“It was an honor to collaborate on the design of Summit’s new patented technology,” said Dan Reichenberg, Manager of Design Services. “We’ve converted packaging that was previously used once, to a design that can be used up to ten times. If used ten times, customers can see a reduction of the initial cost of the box by 90%. The ability to collapse and knock down flat, reduces storage space, assembly time in fulfillment and reduces shipping fees, creating efficiencies and savings for our clients. It was an honor to contribute to the design of the pop-up box.”

“We understand that our clients are creating amazing technology and we’re proud to improve how we protect shipment of their hardware with our packaging,” added Dave Johnson, Vice President of Operations. “Since the design of our pop-up box, we’ve seen tremendous adoption and satisfaction from our clients in the cable and telecommunications industries.”

You can read the official release at – http://www.prweb.com/releases/2015/10/prweb13018289.htm